Monday, May 22, 2006

Final Writing 97-3 Name : 王柏勛
Topic: How can you improve English ability through using English Websites?

The Internet has a lot of Web sites. There are so many Web sites in English. And what can we use that English Web sites to improve English? Are you looking for some which can educate us? If you are not, don’t miss out on these four!

First is “”. It can definition from several dictionaries. It also has a thesaurus and search engine. Its simple format makes looking up words quick and easy. Second is “Internet Movie Database”. This site has information on more than 400000 movies. Third is “Wikipedia”. It is free, online encyclopedia. It has more than 2 million articles written in over 100 languages. It is the most popular reference site online because of its large amount of information. Fourth is “Google Earth”. In here, you can see pictures of any place on earth. Information like business and road names is added to the pictures. You can use these pictures to get driving directions of findinhg a hotel. Or just have fun exploring the world.

These four Web sites can improve your English, if you are working hard. I know these on my English class. I haven't ues these yet. But I improved for my English. I will use these very often.