Sunday, April 02, 2006

Spotlight On Beauty Of Taiwan
Name:王柏勛 academic NO:97009
The small file of Snow-Ba:
Continuously establish to manage with management along with the national parks, such as Kenting, Jade Mountain, Yangmingshan and Taroko...etc., and the snow mountain, big ba sharp mountainous country area climbs mountain and the tour number contiguously increases, in order to actively safeguard the natural resource, and promote trip to rise up the citizen the tour the service quality, the Shei-Pa National Park bears on July first in 81 years.The ground acrosses five feng countries, sharp stone countries of Hsinchu County, the Tai-an country in Miaoli County, Taichung County peace country.The high peak of inshore more than 3,000 meters has 51 all the collect in snow mountainous country horst .Take snow mountain as the center to shoot to pay the arris vein more toward of four weeks, but see the far near plateau wind around to stretch, the layer is clear.
3,886 meters of snow mountain, snow mountain mountain range most high peak is the second highest peak in the Taiwanese region, combining with Jade Mountain, south lake Tashan, the show gu luan mountain, north Ta-wu mountain to call "the highest of five mountains of Taiwan".3,492 meters of honors that have the strange peak of century of the sharp mountain of the big ba , with the central and sharp mountain, attains the sharp mountains of the aroma to match to be called "Taiwan three points".
The national park all has it the special view and natural resource, the difference of this kind of individual can from the symbolic totem the performance came out, seeing with the marking of snow ba , a style means the plan colleague inside the urge to with one mind join force.The sacred mountain indicates to take the sharp mountain of the snow mountain, big ba as the sacred mountain a national park of the example;The green water that winds around the silk floss to connect takes the source to far flow the long meaning;Leisurely swim to jump the dynamic plum flower hook to kiss the salmon to then highlight to go abroad an ecosystem to raise of rebuke harshly the term;And the green hills and blue waters recover is an ideal garden area of environmental protection, the business that shows the national park to greatly account for a hundred years in everywhere.Aiming at the resource characteristic in the land and land makes use of the type, snow ba divides the line the park area four areas, ruling the exploitation of different layer restriction or controling


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